About us


When we first started talking about the Mountain Outpost concept there were so many ideas, most of which seemed to be at odds with each other. How was an elegant storefront, a rugged and primal urge for adventure, and a comedic TV show going to fit together? Turns out it doesn't really matter. Mountain Outpost is unique; it's about following one's own desires, about seeking the fun in life, giving into your wanderlust, and sharing those experiences with as many people as possible. Everything doesn't have to make sense. We are runners, climbers, skiers, photographers, adventurers, mountain-lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and any other label or non-label you can attribute to people who passionately love exploring their world. We love to be inspired and cannot do all of the exploring on our own; through the building of the Mountain Outpost community we hope to provide inspiration for adventure and solidify our collective determination to get to the best and most beautiful places on the planet.


Share your Mountain Outpost Stories through #MountainOutpost #InspirationForAdventure & #AdventurePoints

It's not a race or any form of competition but much like "life points," #AdventurePoints are personal achievements and notches in your exploration belt. We cannot wait to start sharing our story!