Mystery Drop Bag Challenge

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Mystery Drop Bag Challenge

This first episode of Mountain Outpost all started with a pile of dirty, forgotten drop bags. As a race director of a handful of trail running events, we allow runners to pack several of their own bags for specific points along the race route. We transport to the locations and to the finish line for pickup. For various reasons (runner drops from race, has to leave before bags are delivered to finish, or simply forgets to pickup) these drop bags don't make it back to their owners and instead accumulate in our office. We do our best to return these bags, but sometimes they stay orphaned. 

Once they get "old enough" I scavenge through these bags, donating what clothing I can, throwing out anything old and the rest of the nutrition typically goes into a box that is a free for all at the office. 

I thought one day it might be fun to do a run where we utilized just the contents of a forgotten bag. The idea soon took hold within our staff and a race was quickly designed.

I never thought it would have been as difficult and challenging as it was that day of filming. A four mile race took us close to 2 hours to complete and I've only once felt sicker at any ultra marathon I've competed in. We hope you enjoy!