MTN OUTHOUSE NEWS #62 – US Skyrunner Series Champs, FKT 101 Tutorial, #PortaPottyChallenge

The craziest sh*t that happened in running this week: US Skyrunner Champion Rundown, Tussey Mountainback 50 Mile USATF Winners, Grindstone 100 & ELS 2900 Recap, François D’Haene & John Muir Trail FKT Attempt, FKT Tutorial PSA, Lost Soul Ultra & Dave Proctor, Marvelous Mimi Transcon, #PortaPotty Challenge, Martha McSally’s AZ Trail Hike, Ginger Runner Virtual Run & “Where Dreams Go To Die” Tickets, Outhouse Montage.
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Background Outhouse: Christopher Wilson, Facebook
US Skyrunning:
Flagstaff Sky Race:
Tussey Mountainback 50:
Grindstone 100:
ELS 2900:
François D’Haene John Muir Trail:

François D'haene has been putting some time in on the famed John Muir Trail ahead of his FKT attempt this Saturday. We'll hopefully be catching up live with Francois tomorrow for an update and a look at what kit he'll be using for the challenge.#johnmuirtrailadventure2017

Posted by Salomon Running on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dave Proctor/Lost Soul 100 Mile:

Dave Proctor run commutes 170K to race, wins 100-miler in course record

Mimi Runs USA: &
Marthy McSally AZ Trail Hike:

Ginger Runner Virtual Run:
Where Dreams Go To Die:

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